ARASA Reduction Plan & Timeline for Car & Locomotive



ARASA Reduction Plan & Timeline for Car & Locomotive


01/29/2020        Notifications begin thru townhall meetings

01/30/2020        Portal Message—Posting of jobs

02/03/2020        UPOnline Article

02/23/2020        Jobs Close

02/26/2020        Candidates selected for interviews

02/26-03/20      Interviews Conducted

03/23/2020        Candidates selected and notified.   ARASA jobs abolishment posted

04/01/2020        Employees converted & Return to craft


Facts about the transition

  • Must pass OMTB test to apply for the manager’s position.
    • If you fail, you will be eligible for one re-test opportunity. This ends on 02/23/2020.
  • Must apply for the manager’s position in RecruitWeb.
    • There is one posting for car and locomotive, and you will select the location(s) you are interested in during your application.
  • Manager jobs will be listed as either Manager I or Manager II.
    • Manager I pay scale ranges from $92,250-$153,750
    • Manager II pay scale ranges from $83,250-$138,750
  • Thrift Plan
    • A dollar-for-dollar match on your 401(k) contributions, up to 6% of your salary
    • Plus, an additional 3% annual contribution by UP based on your base salary


This information was provided to ARASA by Union Pacific Labor Relations.   Any questions about management positions should be directed to Union Pacific.

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