May 2017 Minutes

TCU / ARASA 5101 Lodge Meeting

Date:  23 May 2017

President Dennis Deyo opened with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag and with the Association prayer, and called the meeting to order.

Recording Secretary Jerry Johnson conducted roll call. Present were Local and District Officers, General Chairman, Senior Staff and other members. A motion to waive the reading of the minutes was made by Brother Jerry Johnson and seconded by Brother Bo Brown. Motion passed.

FST Shane Lindsey gave the Financial Report. Brother Richard Norton made the motion to accept the report and pay the bills. Brother Kyle Gauthier seconded. Motion carried.

VG Car Alan Harris gave his report on claims and appeals.

VG Locomotive Al Briones gave his report on claims and appeals.

VG E/S Escal Thornton gave his report on claims and appeals. He also reported on meetings with the Carrier’s  E/S management.

Brother Richard Norton was recognized and thanked Brothers Eacal Thornton and Mark Sellers for the work they did on the pay raise issue for the E/S members.

General Chairman Mark Sellers gave his report on charges, investigations, dismissals, and meetings with the Carrier. He also noted that the 2017 MNPL campaign will commence in June and that our Flash News feature will also go live in June.

Brothers Javier Rosales, Art Lindeen and Derek Curtis were each recognized with questions and comments for Brother Sellers and each was responded to.

TCU National Rep. Hirschbein reported on national negotiations and Section 6 activity.

Vice-Pres. Bo Brown had nothing new to report.

Board Chairman Marco Acevedo had nothing new to report.

New Business: No new business issues were raised.

Brother Jeff Powers moved to adjourn and Brother John Benson seconded. Motion passed and Pres. Deyo adjourned the meeting.

Total attendance in meeting = 37

The next regular Lodge Meeting will be held on 27 June 2017 at 7 P.M. CST.

The number is 1-800-719-7514, the conference number is 514438.


It is important to have the correct mailing address for members on file so that they can receive union correspondence. If your mailing address has changed in the last year, please forward address changes to your Local or District Chairman.


TCU sends weekly updates through email called Flash News. The items of most importance are posted on the Lodge web site. If a member would like to subscribe to Flash News and receive the emails, contact Kevin Gifford at


Contact your District or Local Chairman for details on any items that you are interested in.

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