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        On Mon, Nov 4, 2019 at 15:44 Mark <> wrote:

Shane Pitts reverted back to his shop-craft seniority.   He will no longer be our LC for Little Rock or our Benefit Specialists.    Shane has told me he would continue to assist our membership during this transition.   I want to personally thanks Shane for his dedication to our members.    His leadership will be truly missed, I wish him all the best going forward.  You can bet I will be looking him up when I am in Little Rock.


During the transition I will assume the Benefit Specialist role until we find someone to take over the position.



Shane Pitts
(501) 425-1175


If you need further help or information, contact :

General Chairman Mark Sellers
(210) 852-9942


President Ricky ‘Bo’ Brown II
(630) 504-9895

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